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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Consuming Method (TCM) in specman e-language

TCM's are defined as the methods that have the notion of time, as designated by their sampling event.
· TCM's can be executed over several simulation cycles.
tcm_name([arg: type,...]) [:return-type] @sampling-event is {
---- Required action parameters;
TCM’s are attached with sampling_event. The sampling_event fills two functions.
· Implicit sync action at beginning of TCM( must occur before TCM execution begins)
· Default sampling event for TEs in the TCM

Ex: <'
unit port_u {
reset_value: bit;
reset_delay: uint;
reset () @clk is {
---- This indicates the TCM is @sync with clk
reset_value = 0b1;
wait [reset_delay] * cycle;
reset_value = 0b0;
wait [1] * cycle;
run() is also {
start reset();
}; };